Hey guys!! This week was very exciting! We released new web design which you check it out on safestar.me ! Let us know in the comments what you think. Lotto page is getting redesigned as we speak. Dev is also working on lottery dapp improvements.

Also community have voted that 24% of LP tokens which are in SafeStar Deployer’s wallet will be used in small portions. 50% of which will be used for mega marketing and 50% will be burned forever. So you can expect a lot more burns coming soon!! Are you excited? Well we have big plans for marketing! So stay tuned more exciting things to come very soon! There is a good chance of us completing Q2-Q3 tasks a lot sooner than we thought so we plan to update Q4 plans with a good possibility finishing them way earlier. A lot of excitement coming SafeStars’s way. Now you can prepare for lift off as we just finishing fueling. Who didn’t understand last part I highly recommend reading our newly updated Whitepaper on safestar.me/wp

P.S. We are in talks with big Youtubers and other marketing channels. So marketing will scale from now on!

P.P.S. Holder amount increasing drastically in past couple of days and after reaching 100k holders we will start planing our onboarding process on one of top 10 exchanges.