Hey guys!! It’s been an amazing week with ups and downs but we went through it! Happy to announce that we are finally listed on P2PB2B exchange and trading is live! You can check it out here:


As you probably seen our website was updated and will keep improving as we have to add so much more into it. You were asking for new Logo and it’s done already. We will be releasing it either today or tomorrow.

Everybody were suggesting to start our marketing campaign a bit earlier than it was on our Roadmap. So we did. Our twitter followers doubled in last 48 hours and will reach 10k as we speak. We’ve also contacted a few Youtubers who are currently are in progress making video about us.

We just reached a milestone of 41% of total supply burned forever! That is 410 trillion stars!

Another milestone coming! Soon we are reaching 25k Holders and guess what!? Yes we will burn 200 billion stars forever!