Development Update

Hello community! We wanted to share in detail on what we are working as there are a lot of questions in our Telegram Chat. Every single team member is busy making this project great and I will go into as much details as I can to explain that to you. All I can say to you that we are really moving forward and future plans are amazing.

So let’s begin! Lottery dApp:

We are in development process to finish Lottery dApp. Why is is this important for the community? Well we announced that ticket sale will start on Thursday and there will be some exciting adjustments to it. From now on anybody buying a ticket will be able to not only play in round 1 but also round 2 and round 3. So what are those rounds you may ask. Okay I will explain. Imagine there are 200 participants in the lottery and 10% of the field gets paid a percentage of the prize-pool. But what happens next is that those 10% players continues in the Round 2. Round 2 is where you are able to win a share of a jackpot of 150 billion Safestars. But that’s not all! At least 1 of the lucky winners will go to round 3 where he/she will be guaranteed to win 150,000,000,000 SafeStar(currently worth at around $5,000). Yes you heard us right. There will be at least 1 Guaranteed Winner!

Ticket sales starting time you can see below and the lottery will commence on Sunday. We are planning of running this lottery at least once a month where at least 10% will become winners and 1 will become really big winner! It’s all for you guys. 1 person a month will become 150 billion Stars richer. Isn’t this great?

You may ask what changed with with charity as we do not deduct anything from ticket price for it. Well from now on 0.5BNB will be coming out to the charity from devs pocket for every 100 players to enter the draw. And after collecting 10BNBs we will be doing governance voting to vote which charity to use.

So next topic what we are working on is governance voting and why is this important. The moment we will launch governance voting dApp there will commence most important voting so far since our launch. All I can tell you for now is that I believe the offer we have for current Holders will make everyone super happy and it will be voted nearly 100% towards it. This is something really exciting! As you can see I do not give any timeframes of when because you know yourself how development goes. However it should not take any longer than 2 weeks from now till launch of the voting.

And that is not all. For Q3 we wrote we will do NFTs marketplace. But daddy Elon came up with some outstanding idea which we cannot share as of yet. We will have to do governance voting for you to decide wether you want this but we are pretty certain you will as it can affect SafeStar price tremendously to a positive side. Once we finish with bits and peaces we are working on now and we will have a concept ready to represent to community we will do governance voting!

Marketing Update:

As you are probably aware marketing is on going. We are currently on BSC News and soon will be promoted on all UniRocket Channels. Some high end Youtubers will make a review about us. Also BSC News will release an article about us by the end of the week.

Stay tuned as we are just starting! You will be blown away with the ideas we have for this token!