Community asked to reply to all the “creative fudders”

So as we have seen in the past, every time a new crypto project is created, there is always an influx of opinion. We never condemn a subjective view, however, we feel so strongly against the misinformation that has been spreading around our SAFESTAR community that we felt as though we had to say something. We want to put things right, so, let’s begin!

The first thing everybody needs to understand before investing is that you should always thoroughly conduct your own research. Clearly, people have been jumping to conclusions and as a result, there are ridiculous rumours saying SAFESTAR was rugpulled. This article should be enough for you to determine the lack of truth in that statement, but for clarity, let me explain how a rug pull is impossible: Our liquidity pool is locked for 6 years and the reserve wallet has been burned by the community request. Even if we wanted to, which of course do not, a rug pull is not possible. So you may ask, how come we are executing burns? There was 5% left after our DxSale and from that, 5% were fulfilling our community contests, as well as token burns when we reach certain amount of holders. There are still 1–2 more burns to come - these will be the last.

When you buy Tesla shares for $900 and it goes down to $450, do you also say that this is pyramid scheme because only early investors win?

We have nothing to do with SafeMoon. And, as mentioned before, yes, we forked from them and decided to leave the word “Safe” in our name, in honour of them making a great protocol. Credit where credit’s due.

Pre-sale investors who invested 1BNB got 4 trillion SAFESTAR. Everybody has a right to sell.

Unhappy investors who bought at the top. What about those who are sending messages that they won’t have to work ever because of the investment they made in SafeStar. As mentioned before, everybody has a right to sell.

Please, we ask that you stop comparing us with SafeMoon. They are working on a completely separate timescale and we are going in our own, new direction. Yes, we forked from them, but that’s it - we have no affiliation. We are building on top of their build and thus, what we are creating will be a completely separate product from theirs.

When we started, we created Reddit a account and tried to post but forgot that we need to have 2 months active account and 50 karma points to post in groups. So we decided not to go ahead with Reddit.


We agreed terms with two new partners, our developer and a fantastic new designer, in order to help us to rebrand our website. We are now focusing on our brand new lottery app build. By the end of next week, the website rebrand and lottery app will be delivered. We also in talks with CEX exchanges about possible listings, we are so excited to share all our hard work with you and more details will come in next few days. Have a great weekend all and thank you for your time and support.

WE DO NOT HAVE OFFICIAL Discord or Reddit. The only Official Channels are; SAFESTAR Telegram group, SAFESTAR Twitter and Medium, please be aware that other social channels are not official!


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