We just finished our AMA which went great. Tomorrow it will be posted on our website. So what’s the big news?

Daddy.Elon, [12 May 2021]:

Alright guys I don’t see many more questions so we start our other updates ^^

Here are very exciting news about PancakeSwap v1 and v2 pools:

We will start migrating liquidity from v1 to v2 today. I will provide liquidity of 1000 BNB and equal amount of SAFESTAR to v2 LP right after AMA!!! 1000 BNB and equal amount of SAFESTARs will be taken from v1 it is about 9% of total liquidity. You will be able to swap tokens on v2 but price fluctuation might be different so I suggest checking rate you get on v1 and v2 before performing swap especially large amounts. I will announce when v2 liquidity added straight after!!!

We have something else very exciting to share with you guys!

StarLover [never DM first], [12 May 2021]:

Okay so now the big news!

As you all aware dev was working on governance dapp

We will do one big voting which can affect the whole market in a good way

Here is the proposal: