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We just finished our AMA which went great. Tomorrow it will be posted on our website. So what’s the big news?

Daddy.Elon, [12 May 2021]:

Alright guys I don’t see many more questions so we start our other updates ^^

Here are very exciting news about PancakeSwap v1 and v2 pools:

We will start migrating liquidity from v1 to v2 today. I will provide liquidity of 1000 BNB and equal amount of SAFESTAR to v2 LP right after AMA!!! 1000 BNB and equal amount of SAFESTARs will be taken from v1 it is about 9% of total liquidity. You will…

Hello community! We wanted to share in detail on what we are working as there are a lot of questions in our Telegram Chat. Every single team member is busy making this project great and I will go into as much details as I can to explain that to you. All I can say to you that we are really moving forward and future plans are amazing.

So let’s begin! Lottery dApp:

We are in development process to finish Lottery dApp. Why is is this important for the community? Well we announced that ticket sale will start on Thursday and…

Hey guys!! This week was very exciting! We released new web design which you check it out on ! Let us know in the comments what you think. Lotto page is getting redesigned as we speak. Dev is also working on lottery dapp improvements.

Also community have voted that 24% of LP tokens which are in SafeStar Deployer’s wallet will be used in small portions. 50% of which will be used for mega marketing and 50% will be burned forever. So you can expect a lot more burns coming soon!! Are you excited? Well we have big plans for…

Hey guys, we are thrilled to announce that we have updated our WhitePaper. Please have a read on

Also just want to share some stats:


Hey guys!! It’s been an amazing week with ups and downs but we went through it! Happy to announce that we are finally listed on P2PB2B exchange and trading is live! You can check it out here:

As you probably seen our website was updated and will keep improving as we have to add so much more into it. You were asking for new Logo and it’s done already. We will be releasing it either today or tomorrow.

Everybody were suggesting to start our marketing campaign a bit earlier than it was on our Roadmap. So we did. Our…

Hello to everybody from the $SAFESTAR community! Today, we are delighted to announce that we have reached another important milestone as we continue our rapid growth within DeFi space. After less then a week, our special community has climbed to unbelievable new highs, and as a result, we are proud to report that $SAFESTAR officially has over 14,000 holders!

Moving forward, we are working night and day to develop the $SAFESTAR protocol to its full potential. So here is some news to look forward to:

• Confirmed listing on Cryptocurrency Exchange. Thank you to our wonderful community for your donations…

So as we have seen in the past, every time a new crypto project is created, there is always an influx of opinion. We never condemn a subjective view, however, we feel so strongly against the misinformation that has been spreading around our SAFESTAR community that we felt as though we had to say something. We want to put things right, so, let’s begin!

We had an amazing launch. Our pre-sale finished in less than two hours reaching Hard Cap of 100BNB. I should mention that before pre-sale community voted to burn all our reserve wallet! So we did! We have burned 100 trillion of $SAFESTAR forever. This was a tough decision by all community members. But we are COMMUNITY token and we are happy to be here.

After the launch we had even bigger success. Currently we have 1365 holders and organically growing. After reaching 1000 holders we have burned another 1 trillion of $SAFESTAR.

We have applied for CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, waiting for approval. Also if you look at our telegram group we applied for Blockfolio and Delta but we need you guys to vote so please do!

🟣Official Links:
🔵Telegram Chat:
🔵Telegram Announcements:

Pre-sale is starting soon! Are you excited? We will have fair and safe presale launch on DxSale. All pre-sale collected BNB will be locked in PancakeSwap LP for 6 years. We have burned 25% tokens of total supply. Every holder will be receiving rewards just for holding and not selling. 10% fee will be applied to each transaction and instantly will be splited to 5% for holders and 5% will be locked in PancakeSwap LP.


Presale hard-cap: 100BNB
Presale soft-cap: 20BNB
Cap per wallet: 2BNB
Presale price: 1BNB = 4,000,000,000,000
PancakeSwap price: 1BNB = 2,500,000,000,000

Contract Address:

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Hello, Crypto Family! We are excited to start our journey here! You all heard about success of Safe Moon but not everybody made it on time to participate or even if you made it on time you sold too early? So here we are! We have created a project called Safe Star for a reason. Yes you heard us right! We have forked from Safe Moon and planning to bring you way further than moon. You ask us what is the reason we are so confident? Well let’s start from the beginning. We will have a very similar approach as…


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